26 Jan 2014


Ugh, let me just be honest with you. I am not feeling that well lately. Nights of working for school and not getting a positive feedback kind of made me a bit depressive. Not that I don't come out of my bed, have no social life or hate EVERYTHING but just a bit down. I hate everything I wear, I hate the way my hear looks, and..and.. it is really exhausting as hard as I try to stay positive. But to make this still a happy post, and to cheer me up I made a list of things I LOVE and why i should LOVE my life and myself. So hopefully I cheer you up too! Let's smile and be thankful for the day ( I now a bit dreamy, but hé a bit dreamy once in a while is good for you.. like yoga!) 

 ♥ Going to the movies with my friends and just go to a movie because Leo plays in it ( you know THE Leonardo DiCaprio). He may is a bit too old for me.. but he still looks like his 20-year old self in the Titanic. Nothing wrong with that, right? 

 ♥ Working out!! I recently fell in love with working out in the gym. The burn in you thighs when you are doing a dumbbell squat and the feeling when you are done! Isn't that the best? Let's be happy we can do this, that we are given the opportunity to develop ourselves. ( like I said, a little dreamy.) 

  ♥ Watching the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars (over and over again). Have you already watched them? I don't want to spoil anything.. but they are AMAZING and so good, really they are even better than the previous episodes, especially now you now who.... is! Imagine you self this evening on the couch with your favorite drink and PLL. 

 ♥ Watching girl movies. Did you see the move Fast Girls? It is the best. The film is exactly one big FITSPIRATION and you just want to workout or run after it. In the end I had to cry of happiness and relieve. They filmed it so that you really feel with them. 

 ♥ The feeling after a good run is THE END, do you agree? 

 ♥ Eaten healthy! We must be happy that we can choise what we eat and that we have healthy bodies (unlike a lot others on this world) so don't feed it with crap, but with whole foods for the nature. And when you just made yourself the best and healthiest meal EVER you feel so proud and good. Love that feeling! 

 ♥    ♥... a lot more! So cheer up Rosalie! The world has enough pain and sadness and doesn't need yours. Be happy, do what you love and don't sit in a corner crying because things don't workout like you hoped for. Stand up and work even harder. This is not a failure just a lesson. 

Love, Rosalie 

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