4 Jan 2014

Currently #2

HELLO! How are you doing? Well I am... currently fine. As fine as you can be when your day consist of working-out, eating, drinking, studying, running and sleeping. Yes, drinking ( not THAT kind of drinking, alcohol isn't my best friend you know) water it is. See that bottle in the photo? I drink FOUR of these bottles a day. And see the numbers and the lines. Well I drink each hour to one line, it starts at 11 o'clock in the morning till 10 o'clock in the evening. It is not bothering me AT ALL. I remember older days when my hydration only consisted of cola light and other light soda. Really bad! But since I wanted to be fit I needed to change my drinking also. See al those books on my desk? Well that is economics, one of the MANY subjects I need to learn. Please let the time go slow, because I only have a couple of days to get al these subjects in my brain.. or let it go fast that this horrible weeks are over!. 

Listening to, everything that simulates me to study harder  and that consist of soundtracks and soundtracks, I prefer to those where there is no singing. Singing confuse me with the things I am reading, only music on the other hand makes me study harder. ( especially those Harry Potter, it makes me feel like Hermione.. there isn't any better motivation, is there? )

Reading, "Rood bloed in december" from Simone van der Vlught. It goes about the golden age and the eighty years' war in the Netherlands, only a bit more romantic. The best part is : I am currently studying for history about the same age, nice coincidence isn't it? ( not that it is a coincidence, my nerd-self thought it was a good opportunity to read and learn at the same time!) 

Watching, noting! Net even pretty little liars ( can't wait till the seventh, when the second part of season four starts!! ) 

Looking forward to TOMORROW! Because then  I participate at the Gennerper parken loop in Eindhoven. So tomorrow at this time I am running 8 kilometers, about that later this day more! 

Working out with the renovated NTC+ app did you hear about it? Since January the first the NTC app completely changed, it is now more like a personal couch and it connects with the Nike running app ( which also got upgraded.) Nike is spoiling us!! 

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