6 Jan 2014


Yesterday I ran the Genneperparken newyears-run. It was only 8 kilometers, ( I thought) nothing to worry about. I ran 9 kilometers several times before this one, so why should I worry about an easy 8. It was a nice sunny day, not a lot wind, around 7 degrees ( Celsius ). OK, the main problem was that the run started at 11:45 , which means it was in the morning. And as I very well know, morning runs aren't my best.. actually they are my worst. I go slow, my legs feel like brigs and where I can run 9 kilometer in the evening I can't run a 5K in the morning. I am still trying to figure out what the cause is, I must do something wrong.

Besides that little problem there wasn't any. I couldn't be trained better. During the run my thoughts changed, the morning-issue seemed to be a lot BIGGER than I thought it was. It felt like my legs didn't want to go further and it got worse. With every step a took it felt like someone stabbed a knife in my shin, clearly I remembered last year when I couldn't run for weeks because of my (f*cking) leg. Like the months of physiotherapy disappeared. To make it even worse my right minimus (the smallest toe) began to hurt like it was broken. I told my friend to go further and the next 5 kilometers I ran like an old granny, bur I didn't stop! Even when I had to go trough fire, or when my toe was really broken I wouldn't stop. I was determined to finish without walking. In the end it may seems like it was brave but it was above all stupid. I kept my proud and forgot the pleasure. I couldn't think about anything else, I didn't see the beautiful nature my friend described and I also didn't felt the runners flow.. she did, and it was amazing.

So.. I didn't really enjoyed the run. I can cry of disappointment, maybe running isn't my destiny. But I'll not give up. The running program for a half marathon I planned to start today is reschedule for next week, I made an appointment with the physiotherapist at the gym and an appointment to make personal supportive soles for in my shoes and running-shoes.

And now, I can't wait till I can run without pain and the program for the half-marathon starts. Bring it on!


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  1. Ik vind dat je goed bezig bent! Ik ben vanmorgen ook nog gaan hardlopen en ik kan me erg plaatsen in je verhaal.. Succes met het trainen voor de halve marathon! Go go go!


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