13 Jan 2014


Veggies are healthy, fruits are healthy and together the are SUPER healthy.. that makes sense, doesn't it? I mean if vegetables are on a scale of one to ten a 9 and fruits are an 7 ( there is a lot of sugar in it you know, good sugar not that kind you do in you morning coffee or your birthday cake, but still sugar and carbs) together they are a 16! So SUPER healthy is the right name. Put it together in a glass and you have your super drink for the day. Personally I prefer it in the morning, when I am not planning to do a workout soon, but I need energy to learn. The only problem was: It takes time to make it and to clean everything you used. In the morning that's just not funny, never funny actually, but in the morning I am always on a hurry. And what I know, a lot of people are on a hurry in the morning. 'cause we have all one favorite hobby: sleeping.

So I had to cure the problem, which wasn't very difficult: Just take a Saturday evening or if you prefer a sunday morning (whenever you have loads of time) go to the grocery, buy everything you want to put into your green smoothie ( you can make different drinks for the variety) go home, blend it, put it into empty plastic bottles, put the bottles in the freezer and CLEAN! It takes some time but the result will be worth it.

What I did in my green smoothies?

THE GREEN MOSTER four mornings
- Two hands of spinach;
- Two bananas;
- bleu berries;
- 200 ml cocos water with pineapple;
- one tbs of chia seeds.

THE PURPLE LADY two mornings
- One banana
- one hand of spinach;
- 100 ml red beet juice;
- two tbs of agave syrup;
- cacao nips;
- one tbs of chia seed.

The morning before I take one bottle out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator and the next morning all I have to do is to put the half in a glass, sometimes I make it a little more fluid by adding some cocos water of just water. To make it more fun I top the smoothie with some rasp cocos, chia seed, mulberries of cacao nibs it DELICIOUS!

As I already said, this is REALLY healthy breakfast, it is for the mornings where you aren't really hungry or need some fast energy. I did some research and all scientist agree that this breakfast is as good as oatmeal. But oatmeal on the other hand is more filling and is slower digestible and gives you energy for a longer time. So when I go for a run ( I still can't run by the way because of my injury) I would rather choose for the oatmeal with berries. The green smoothie is perfect for a learning or school day.

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