17 Jan 2014


The past week has been a bit boring actually! Of course I could've been a bit smarter and plan a bit better, but instead I had to work lake crazy the last weeks. I thought I had planned everything pretty well, but this week proved I was wrong. Late nights and early mornings weren't abnormal and my sleeping hours were getting less and less. Who sets such things RIGHT AFTER christmas break in the first place....?! Not my finest week ever ( actually I think it was my WORST week ever, I was literally living in hell.) As you see I managed to survive the torture of exam week. So now I allow myself to lay down on the couch with a ton of episodes of Pretty Little Liars, with some soda ( which I am cutting out of my diet, because I know it doesn't help you getting a nice flat (flat) stomach) and a blanket, o and of course my laptop and mobile (first essentials of life!!)

In love with my NEW running shoes  not that I can use them for running right now ( I've still got my injury ):  ) , but the go with me to the gym and immediately make me happy. And with the new NTC+ app! 

Listening to  cannonball of Lea Michelle, I really love the song and the music. I also tend to listing to You sound good to me of Lucy Hale. I first listened it because of Lucy herself, but I actually liked it!

Watching Pretty little liars ( of course) I really need to catch ip 'cause I REALLY want to see the new episodes. Did you see them already? Do you think it is Ezra ( sorry for the non PLL watchers!) 

Looking forward to running!! It is really frustrating to not run when I just ran my first 10k and I was planning to start my trainings-program for the half marathon. But I WILL make it and my leg will recover!! Can't wait till the pain is over!!


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