1 Jan 2014


OMG! I just ran the first 5 kilometers of my 2014 kilometers challenge. Which means that I have still 2009 kilometers to go in 355 days. THe problem is that it is wednesday, and I already ran 9 kilometers this week, so should I count these 9 with my 5.. or should I start with the 5? ( This is what the call a fitgirl-problem, you know, a problem that "normal" people don't count as a problem because the don't run 9 or 5 or whatever kilometers in a week.) 

Now, I can be really happy that I ran my first 5 kilometers of the year, but actually the SUCKT! I didn't go fast I wanted to stop at least 8 times, and the first 4 times within the first 2 kilometers. So the question is: how is it goddam possible that I can run easily 9 kilometers ( my furthest run EVER ) in the evening and I can't even run 5 kilometers in the morning without the urge to cut my legs of. Sorry for my use of language, you can understand it is really frustrating. 

O, before I forget it: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

 I am going to study, I am really nervous about the upcoming exam-week so I try to get the most out of my day.. I actually pray that I will make it ( with good grades of course, I am not satisfied with a 6!!)

LOVE, Rosalie <3 

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