1 Jan 2014


First of all: Yes I am writing English. Why? Not that I think my English is REALLY good, for gods sake I just wrote English with SCH!! That is a fault I make really often, so no my english is not perfect. But who cares? And second: Sorry for being such a lousy blogger ( If you can call me a blogger.) See, when I started this thing again, I promised myself that I would never let this blog become a burden, also known as that annoying little voice in the back of my mind, reminding me with the voice of my mother that i should update. That's why I decided to break maybe the two most important rules in blogland: to not update daily or use this thing like some sort of dairy. The not updating daily thing worked out as you can see. Don't take it personally I always sucked at keeping a dairy. I still have one though, but these days I only write my planning of the day in it, or the workouts I want to du or just sorry, like I have to apologize to myself!!!  Anyway, the voice in my head is really NOT FUNNY! So my solution ( as I don't want to give up on this blog) I want to start listen to my inner self in 2014 and just blog!

So, here it finally is. An update. The first in 2014. The fist in English. With "This is what it feels like " on the background. Which is nice coincidence.

Things I've done/loved/enjoyed/experienced/whatever in 2013
I FINISHED MY PAPER (profielwerkstuk in Dutch)!! Not something which made 2013 especially better, but it made my last week of 2013 so it counts ♥ Got my Nike running shoes ♥ participated my first running event ♥ met a lot of great ( and less great , is that even correct English?) people ♥ traveled to a lot of places ♥ went on my first vacation without my parents ♥ started living healthy ♥ watched CATCHING FIRE, which was the best movie I saw in 2013 ♥ Discoverd Pretty little Liars, which completely changed my life! ♥ started running each week, and loved it ♥ had the most amazing time with my friends on school ♥ went for the first time with my most lovely friend to Amsterdam ♥ bought my Iphone and Macbook ♥ had the most wonderful time with my friends in London...  and a lot more which I can't remember right now but will remember when I lay in bed within an hour. So may you get an update on this update with more lovely things I did. 

What I did the last couple of weeks when I wasn't blogging
I wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote and wrote on my paper. If you're curious where U was writing about. Well I wrote about the differences and agreements in the indoctrination of the young during the rule of Hitler and Stalin. So that was a long sentence. Unfortunately my paper is also long, a bit to long I think. During the writing I learned for my upcoming exam-week, celebrated christmas and went on vacation to Naples in Italy! The photo's are on there way ( one you can is on the beginning of this blogpost.)

For change I don't have a million new-year resolutions, actually I just want to be fitter next year. Eat healthier, go to the gym more often and run more. OK, I have ONE big new-year resolution... du-du-du-DUM: I will run 2014 kilometers in 2014. OMG! Am I crazy? that means A lot of kilometer each month, a LOT of kilometers a week. But I WILL make it!!

I had the idea before, but when I saw this picture on the Nike+ community I must Commit! 

What are your new-years resolutions? 
LOVE, Rosalie 

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